Themed Times Slots Are for Producers Who Do NOT Have Guaranteed Time Slots

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When we opened the themed time slots to producers who have a guaranteed time slot, we requested that they only schedule into these slots one-off programs that don't fit into their regular series.   These themed time slots are the only time slots open to producers who do not have guaranteed time slots.  

Unfortunately, there are some producers who regularly schedule their Series programs, or slightly different versions of their Series programs, into these themed time slots, violating the spirit of this privilege.  This practice leaves no space for new producers and those who don't have guaranteed time slots.  

Of course, we can see which shows have been auto scheduled vs which have been scheduled into these themed time slots.  

As a result of this practice, we will be making a change in policy that producers with guaranteed time slots may not schedule programs into the general pool of theme slots.  And any special, one-off programs you create must also air in your Series time slots.  Any producer choosing to schedule into the themed time slots, violating this policy, will lose their guaranteed time slots.  

We ask that you follow this policy immediately.  We will not begin enforcing this policy until late January or early February.  We will notify you when the policy goes into effect.