You can come in during our office hours, or fill out the contact form below.

Seattle Community Media can be seen on Comcast Channel 77, Broad Stripe Channel 23 beginning July 1, 2011. For information on Seattle Community Media, please call our main number 206-934-3937.


Seattle Community Media
Room 0841C
Education Building
North Seattle Community College
9600 College Way North
Seattle, WA 98103

The college sits on College Way North, on the West side of I-5, across from the Northgate Mall area. A parking lot wraps around the college's north, east and south sides with multiple entrances. We are located in the Education Building, at the center and east side of the college. The Education building is directly across a small plaza from the Wellness building. Enter the Education building through the entrance facing the Wellness building. Look for room 0841C, to the right, just past the elevator. Go through this doorway and proceed through a secondary doorway just beyond. Welcome to Seattle Community Media!
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