Upload Episode File with FTP Program

Most video files are too large to send through the internet, so we have set up an FTP server that is available to Seattle Community Media members.  All Seattle Community Members are given 50GB of space to store files.  

You need to have an FTP user account to upload your files to the Ingest folder.  If you are uploading remotely (away from the studio) you can use an FTP client (we recommend Filezilla, it is easy and free).  To get your user account, please email us at [email protected].  This will allow you to transfer your video file to our server for broadcast.  

Installation of FileZilla FTP client

  • Download FileZilla FTP Client software from http://filezilla-project.org/
  • Save the download file to your computer and run the installation with all the default options
  • Start the FileZilla program

Configure FileZilla

  • Across the top, enter your information.
    • Host: ftp.scctv.net
    • User: your user name assigned by Seattle Community Media
    • Password: your password assigned by Seattle Community Media

  • Click on the Quickconnect button

Using FileZilla

  1. Make sure your file is named as per our requested naming convention of (showname_yy_mm_dd). 
    Please note... If your program contains material that may be suitable only for mature audiences, add "_mature" to the end of your file's name (showname_yy_mm_dd_mature).  Failure to do so could result in a suspension of privileges.
  2. ​On your computer, navigate to where your files are stored. 
  3. On the Server, open your user folder and then open the ingest folder inside.
  4. Drag files from your computer to the user/ingest folder on the right hand side.  
  5. Make sure the file uploaded completely.  Compare the file size of what is on your computer to the server.  If they do not match, your file did not upload completely.

FileZilla will use a passive mode and might appear to stop working, but it is probably still transferring in the background.  At the bottom of the window is the status of your files with three tabs - Queued files, Failed Transfers, and Successful Transfers.  Compare the file sizes of what is on your computer, the server, and what was transferred to confirm that your file transferred completely.

Once your file has been uploaded, continue to your series and create an episode page.  On this page, you will be able to Attach the file that you have just uploaded.  Files are no longer immediately deleted when they are attached.  You can delete them after the episode page has been created.

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