Become a New Producer

  • Sign up to become a member of Seattle Community Media.
  • Fill out the Seattle Community Media Program Release
  • Come in to verify your identity/location and sign the Program Release
  • Produce two new shows per month for three months. 
  • Schedule your show during times available based on your show's theme.
  • After you have shown that you are going to be a consistent producer, you can be assigned a six-month timeslot

From the Policies and Procedures:

5.9 Series Programming
New producers who submit occasional programs will have the ability to have their programs air, but are not automatically given a regular time slot.  New producers seeking to have a regular time slot must submit a new episode, at least twice a month, for a period of three months, to receive a regular time slot.   

Series programs that are scheduled at the beginning of a programming season will be assigned regular time slots for at least six months. Mid-season additions will be assigned a time slot for the duration of the programming season. In order to make time available for all current and future programs, Seattle Community Media reserves the right to make schedule changes at the beginning of each programming season. Series programs must be delivered as scheduled on the programming contract. If a new episode is not received as scheduled, Seattle Community Media will air the current program for one additional week. If a new episode is not received by the end of the one- week grace period, the series time slot may be discontinued and other programming will be scheduled in it. Single programs will not be scheduled until both the completed program and a Programming Contract have been delivered to the Station Director or General Manager..

The number of repeat showings any program receives after its first cablecast will be scheduled at the discretion of Seattle Community Media staff based on the available channel time and may change as demand for channel time increases. Seattle Community Media reserves the right to pre-empt program repeats to facilitate the scheduling of special programming. Seattle Community Media is not required to notify producers in advance if their program schedule is being changed.

Programs scheduled to air must be delivered to the Seattle Community Media at least 96 hours prior to the air time. Programs not delivered in accordance with this schedule willmay be delayed for playback. Seattle Community Media reserves the right to change delivery requirements.