Reserve and Check Out Equipment

To Reserve a Studio

  • Go to Request Studio in the My Member Tools box.   
  • Fill in your name, email, phone number, and the name of your Program.
  • Enter the times that you prefer to use the studio.
  • The studio will be reserved for you and a message will be sent to you via the internal messages.

To Reserve Equipment

  • Click on Create New Reservations from the My Member Tools box.
  • Enter the date of your reservation
    • Equipment may be checked out for 48 hours and can be checked out over weekends.
    • Edit Stations and laptops may be checked out for only 6 hours and are only available during the SCM hours of operation.
  • If you have more than one program, select the program that the reservation is related to.  If the box for Programs is blank, it means you have only one program and your reservation will be attached to it automatically.
  • Under Currently reserved Items, select the items that you would like to reserve.  Note that you will not be able to reserve more than one of a single type of item.  I.e., only one camera, one light set, etc.
  • Enter any notes about the reservation that will be helpful for the SCM staff.  
  • You can review your reservation by going to My Reservations and then clicking on the reservation that you want more information about.  It will give the date, status, and a list of the reserved items.
  • When you come in to pick up your reserved items, you will be asked to sign the contract for those items.