SCM How-To

This series of videos will give you all of the information needed to use the new Seattle Community Media Website. If after reviewing the videos you still have questions, please let us know so we can get that cleared up!

If you still have questions after reviewing the information below, be sure to check out our FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions.  You may find an answer to your question there. 

Basic Orientation

This is the whole orientation video in its entirety.  While quite dry, it will give you everything you need to know about how Seattle Community Media works.

36 min.

Introduction with Tom & Erin

A quick introduction and overview of how Seattle Community Media works.

5 min.

Becoming a Site User

How to become a site user of Seattle Community Media.


Becoming a Seattle Community Media Member

How to get the most basic membership allowing you to upload and broadcast shows.


General Workflow Options

Some things to think about how you might go about getting your shows to our servers.


Using MPEG StreamClip

Converting files from DVD to digital format.

2 min.

Using FileZilla

Uploading episodes to the Seattle Community Media servers remotely.

4 min.

Creating a Series

Creating the "umbrella" that keeps your episodes and reservations organized.

6 min.

Creating an Episode

Each episode to be aired needs its own page.  This is where viewers can watch on demand and also where producers can schedule their episodes.

5 min.

Scheduling Episodes

How to schedule each episode.

2 min.

Making Reservations

How to use the reservation system.

4 min.