SCM and Adverse Weather

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Seattle Community Media facilities are located on the campus of North Seattle Community College.  If the college campus is closed due to adverse weather, Seattle Community Media facilities will also be closed.

Please check North Seattle Community College's website, or the Seattle Community College District Web site to see how current weather conditions may be impacting our college campuses.

Seattle Community Colleges

North Seattle Community College

You can find information on school closures from many sources, including local news media (radio and television) and by visiting


You can also find information regarding closures, altered scheduling and more at these College Web sites:

Other Resources:

For more information regarding emergency preparedness, please visit these resources:

Washington State Department of Emergency Management Storm Preparedness Press Release

Preparedness information available in several languages.

Another source for this information.


During very cold weather, some sources of heat are very dangerous.  Do not burn material inside unless in an approved device or location, like a wood burning stove or fireplace.

Take time to watch WEMD's Generator Safety/Carbon Monoxide video.