The 96 Hour Rule and Holidays

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We received some emails regarding show files that didn't process correctly and shows that didn't make it into their slots over the weekend.  Not many.  But some.

Remember that we are closed normally Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  When SCM is closed we do not work on Seattle Community Media materials.  Of course we still do some SCM work on those days, but we really are not supposed to.  And this Thanksgiving weekend we were closed Wednesday and Thursday too.   

With more holiday time coming up, please remember to plan ahead.  Remember the old 96 hour rule?  While this may be the season of miracles, don't expect miracles if you upload your show and it is to broadcast, all while we are closed. 

Plan!  We want your shows to broadcast.  With a little planning we can get this all to work.  For instance, using last week as an example, getting a show into the system Wednesday for broadcasting the following Tuesday (on a week we are closed Wed through Sunday) offered only Monday for us to do any troubleshooting. 

Get your program in ahead of the closure and let us know while we're here working if there is an issue.


Here's another little tip... Once your show is scheduled, check the schedule to be sure you scheduled the correct show.  If you see the wrong show scheduled, let us know.