Create an Episode

Before you can add videos/epsiodes/shows, you need to have a Program created.  If you have not done that yet, please review How to Create a Program.

To add an episode:

First add your episode to the ingest folder.

  • Please name your file properly as per naming convention of (showname_yy_mm_dd).  If you want to add a short descriptor at the end, this is OK, but keep the first part as per the above.
  • Once you transfer your file to the ingest folder, you will NOT be able to rename it.


  1. In the My Member Tools on the right side of the page click on My Series to get to your series page
  2. Click on the series name in the list of your series.  This gets you into your series, which makes the next part easier.
  3. VERY IMPORTANT!  The next steps detail how to add information to your Episode page.  While you do have the ability to go back into this page to update information after "Submitting" your Episode, we recommend you DO NOT do this.  Be sure your information is complete BEFORE you submit your Episode.  We are fairly certain, but it is unproven, that making changes to this form after submitting your program creates issues that may lead to your video file getting 'stuck' during processing.
  4. There should be a new box with a header of Your Series Name (the title might be green, also).  Click on Create Episode.  Fill in the fields.
  5. Title - required field.  Something fairly simple - the name of the band, for example
  6. Description - not required, but might be nice.  A recap of the show or set list or something that might be interesting to pique interest in watching it?
  7. Season and Episode number are not required, but I have been recommending 2012 as the Season if you don't already have an established season
  8. Creator - required field.  This goes to and is what your show is associated with.  Could be your series name or your name or your email.
  9. Metadata - these are all required and should come in as what you originally set up for your series.
  10. Creative Commons - also required.  I'd suggest to use the last one in the list - Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported.  If you update this on your series page, it will also automatically select in the future. Enter your Creative Commons selection.  Creative Commons License is also required for processing by, and also lets others use your content.  After you have selected a License, you can also click on Additional Information to enter more information about who you are and who the content should be attributed to.
  11. Choose Your Video - Select the file that was ingested. (I am only seeing three files that look older, though.)  Click Attach.  Wait for a bit here until the display changes and the filename is listed in blue text.  This could take a couple of minutes as it is physically moving the file on our servers.
  12. Do not show online before... - not required.  This is for if you do not want it to be available for streaming before it has aired.
  13. Archive - not required (and not recommended, really).  This is for if you do not want the show to ever be selected in the automatic scheduling once we get it going.  The reason I don't recommend this is because I am worried that people will mark all of their files this way and then get upset when they forget to schedule a show and have no shows available to auto-schedule and then a show from a  different series plays instead.
  14. Click Submit.  Again, we discourage you from changing text on your Episode page after submitting.  Go get a cup of coffee.  Get your nails done.  This one does take a bit too.  Don't worry. Eventually, the page will change and you'll get two blue notifications that the page was created and it is good to go.

It is taking about 24 hours or less to get the email that says there you can schedule your show when there are no problems with the files.  There are a lot of files that fly through that I never see processing because they go so fast.  We do get a handful of files that are simply miserable that I have to do a lot of handholding with, and I see those in my monitors, so I'll keep an eye out for your files if there are issues.  At a last resort, we are still manually scheduling some files if folks have shown that they began the process 96 hours ahead of time giving us all time to catch any hangups.