Schedule Episodes

After the episode that you have submitted has derived, you will get a new tab at the top of that episode page.  To ensure that there is a file available for broadcast, you are not able to schedule the show until that file has returned from

  • Go to the page for the episode that you want to schedule.
  • Click on Scheduling Options Tab.  

  • Select Channel 77 if that option is given (sometimes it is not and this skips to the next step).
  • You will get a list of your generic timeslots.  Click on "Schedule It!" for the day/time that you want to schedule.


  • You will then get specific days that you can select to schedule.  Click to select the exact day that you want to schedule.

Some notes:

  • You get only the next eight timeslots that are available at any given time, even though you probably have many more timeslots.  If you need to schedule more than two months out, contact the site administrators.
  • If you do not see a specific timeslot that you are expecting, it may be due to:
    • The show you are trying to schedule is longer than the available time.  Episodes are supposed to only be 28 minutes, and if they are longer than this (there is a buffer of about 10 seconds), the available timeslots will not show.  
    • An episode is already scheduled for that timeslot.  You are the only one who can schedule epsiodes during your timeslot, so it is probably something else that you have already scheduled.