Basic Editing

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Learn how to use Final Cut Pro, industry standard video editing software

The video editing platform utilized by Seattle Community Media is Apple’s Final Cut Pro.  In this 1.5 hour course you will learn basic video editing skills using Final Cut Pro (Ver7).  The class includes hands-on editing experience.  And while there are many different edit platforms available, you will find that many of these edit platforms offer similar or identical functions to what you will learn using Final Cut Pro. 

To gain Edit Certification to use the edit suites at Seattle Community Media you will be required to complete an edit project assigned during the class.  All attendees of the class will receive the same assignment. 

Once you have completed your edit project, you will receive Edit Certification if your edit project demonstrates a proficient understanding of video editing basics.

If you have an Edit Membership, this certification will allow you to reserve and use the edit suites at Seattle Community Media.