Capturing Tape to DVD

There may be situations where you will need to capture content from a VHS tape.  The easiest way to do this is to use the decks to copy the tape to a DVD.

  1. Turn on the video monitor (small monitor on the top of the desk)
  2. Prepare VHS Player
    1. Power On
    2. Select S-VHS with the button on the right
    3. Insert tape and queue the video to the desired start position
  3. Prepare the DVD recorder
    1. Power On
    2. Insert DVD
    3. Press DV/HDD/DVD button to change to DVD mode - a green light will show under DVD
    4. Select the Desired Recording mode
      • SP = 2 hours of recording
      • LP = 4 hours of recording
      • EP = 6 hours of recording
    5. Select the Input = DV
  4. Ensure the two players are connected with a DV Input connector
  5. Capture the content. Content is captured in real time.
    1. Press Record on the DVD
    2. Press Play on the VHS tape
    3. When complete, press Stop on both the DVD recording and VHS playback
  6. Finalize the DVD
    1. On the remote control, press SETUP (lower left corner of the navigation buttons)
    2. Use the arrow keys to navigate to HDD/DVD Setup
    3. Navigate to Disc Setup
    4. Navigate to Finalize, press enter
    5. Navigate the desired background, press Enter
    6. Click OK when the screen says "Finalizing will make disc read-only.  Start finalizing?"
    7. Click OK when the screen says "Disk will be finalized.  Finalizing will take about x minutes. Start finalizing?"
    8. A final screen will say that the finalizing is complete.

After the content has been captured, use MPEG Streamclip to extract the file as an MPEG2.