Basic Studio

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Learn how to use industry standard technology to produce your shows

In this two hour course you will gain basic and essential knowledge needed to understand and operate the VT5 integrated production suite used to create productions in Seattle Community Media’s Studio B. 

You will learn basic functions, including camera operation and switching, keying, titling and green screen techniques, including the use of virtual sets.  At the end of the course you will be required to take a short test to receive Basic Studio Certification to use this gear for productions.  If you have a Studio Membership, this certification will allow you to reserve and use Studio B at Seattle Community Media.

*If you do not show ample proficiency in using the gear, you will be able to take the course one more time (free of charge) and then retest.  If you still are unable to show proficiency during this second test and still want to be certified, you must pay to retake the course in order to test again.