SCM Workflow Overview

We are working to make the Seattle Community Media channel more producer centered.  To that end, producers have a lot more responsibility.  In addition to having fewer staff members to help with projects, producers are now also able to upload and schedule their own series. 

The overall flow works like this...


Attend Workshops

If you are new Seattle Community Media, and wanting to use the studio or be able to check out gear, you will need to attend Studio, Camera, and Editing Workshops.  We try to schedule each one once per month.  They will be listed on the home page of the Seattle Community Media website.

Upload your content

  • After you have become a member, we need to create an FTP Account for you.  Once the account has been made, you will need to upload your show to our FTP server.

Series and Episodes

  • Series are the "bucket" that keeps episodes and reservations organized.
    • You will need to create a Series for each series that you produce.  This is best done before submitting an episode, but you do also have the option to submit an episode and create the series placeholder at the same time.
    • You can create a series by going to New Series under your My Member Tools box. 
  • Episodes are each individual promo, show, or episode that you will be airing.

Reserve Equipment

  • You may reserve equipment depending on your certifications.
    • Studio certification enables you to reserve the studio.
    • Field certified enables you to check out equipment such as cameras and lights to take outside of the studio.
    • Edit certified enables you to use the edit stations and other computers in the Seattle Community Media community room.
  • Reservations can be created by clicking on Create new Reservations in the My Member Tools box.
  • View the detailed instructions on how to create reservations.

Schedule Series