Renewing Your Membership

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For many producers, your memberships will need to be renewed in February, as this marks two years from when we launched this website.  

First, you will get an email letting you know your membership will expire two weeks prior to your membership expiring.  

You can also check to see how many days you have left on your membership by clicking on My Profile in your Member Tools box.

To renew, just go to membership and renew.  Remember to include your add-ons for extra shows you may have and if you are a producer sponsoring a program, you need to include the $25 fee for sponsoring a program.  

If you let the membership lapse, you will know right away because you will no longer have access to the membership parts of website. Why did you lose access?  Because technically you are not a member any longer.  But, no worries, you still have your "user" access.  Go in and renew and you'll gain access to your member area again.  Nothing will be lost. 

What happens if you have a Guaranteed Time Slot and let your membership lapse?  You will keep your time slots if you renew shortly after the lapse.  If you let the lapse stand for longer than a couple weeks, you do face the possibility of losing your time slots.  

Finally, if you lapse and renew, you do not need to call us to let us know.