Producers With Multiple Series - Read This!

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When this system was developed, it was done with the thought that each producer would work through the various steps one program at at a time.  

There are a handful of producers who have multiple series.  We are fairly certain that those of you with multiple series are doing sets of these steps for each of your programs at the same time and this is creating problems for you.  

Here are some tips to eliminate some of the issues we believe are causing problems for you, especially when scheduling your episodes.

Submit when the episode page is complete

Before submitting, be sure all of your episode page information is complete and correct.  Editing after submitting appears to create issues.  This is especially true when we can see an episode page has been edited and re-submitted a dozen or more times.  

Open a new episode page for each new episode you want to submit

When working on submitting multiple shows in the same series DO NOT click the 'back' button to submit another show in the series.  This may appear to be a time saving move, but it is not.  When you open a "New Episode" page, it has a unique id number for the system that is associated with all of the elements of data and the video file you submit with the page.  If you click "back", edit the text for you next episode and then attach the next episode to this page, all you are doing is editing the existing episode page by changing the data (new text and a different video).  But the system already has data for that uniquely numbered episode page.  While the episode page will have the new text, it won't let you replace the original video file when you go to submit this edited page.  To avoid issues, open a new episode page for every new episode. 

Focus on one episode at a time, especially when scheduling

When you go to schedule episodes, focus on one show at a time and only open the scheduling options page for one episode at a time.  Why?  If you are scheduling multiple shows at the same time you can easily accidentally scheduled the wrong show into a time slot.  If  you open multiple scheduling option pages at the same time all available scheduling options available at that very moment appear on every scheduling options page you opened for that series.  This can allow multiple shows to be scheduled into the exact same time slots.  Unfortunately, if someone opens multiple scheduling options at the same time, all the options available at that moment appear on all the pages opened.  The system isn’t dynamic enough to remove options as they are chosen from these already opened scheduling pages. 

Also, keep in mind that working on one show at a time will minimize confusion caused by working on many shows at the same time.  This will go a long way toward minimizing the possibility of making mistakes.