Power Outage Issues Update

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Storms moving through the Seattle knocked out power to a large portion of North Seattle.  Seattle Community Media was affected by this outage which began around 8pm Saturday night.  Power was not restored to the building where Seattle Community Media resides until late Sunday afternoon.  

When electricians powered the building up, there were several surges.  Several of our servers went off-line again.  Those servers were brought online again Sunday night. 

Thank you to those producers who were understanding and patient during this period of time.  As you can imagine, we are very busy during situations like these and don't have time to respond to individual emails, or even have access to our email.  In the future, as we did during this outage situation, we will post updates to this website when possible.  

FYI, we will NOT spend any time responding to insulting emails laced with accusations that we are not working to solve the issues.  

This is not related to issues we had late last week.  You may have experienced trouble uploading new programs between 11pm on Thursday, September 26 and 4pm on Friday, September 27.  This was an issue related to the server itself and was resolved.

We are working to resolve the current issue and will get all of our servers back on line as soon as possible.  We apologize for the inconvenience.