Time Slot Renewal Complete

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As you likely know, we started the time slot process at the beginning of the month of July.  The final week of this official process ended at 5pm Thursday, July 25, 2013. 

We have added all requests to the time slot calendar.  PLEASE CLICK ON THE RED TIME SLOT RENEWAL/CALENDAR BOX, THEN CLICK THE BUTTON TO VIEW THE CURRENT SCHEDULE.  FYI - All blank spots on the calendar represent open time slots and we will create themes for these early next week.


Most, if not all, primary time slot requests were honored.  We’ve added all repeat requests too.  There were some minor conflict while filling this portion of the calendar out.  You may notice a repeat of your show in a time slot other than what you requested.  If you want to change a repeat time slot from what your listed as having, contact us.  


There are several possible reasons you may NOT see your show on the schedule:

- You live outside of Seattle/King County.  You are not eligible to have programming on SCM if you live outside of Seattle/King County unless you have a local sponsor.  You must have a sponsor who lives in Seattle/King County to act as the producer/sponsor of your show.  You must also tell us that you have this arrangement in order for us to connect your show to a particular producer. 
- You did not submit a request for a time slot. 
- You did not submit proof of residency in Seattle or King County.  Local producer/sponsors are not exempt and must also provide this proof of residency.
- You do not qualify as a producer to have a scheduled time slot.  As per our policy, you must have aired two programs per month, for three months in a row, to qualify for a scheduled time slot.  You must notify us when you believe you’ve met this standard.  If you have met this standard, we’ll work together to find a time slot for you.  While you are responsible to let us know you think you’ve met the standard, we may notify you if we happen to notice that you’ve met the standard.

The new schedule begins August 1, 2013.  If your show does not appear on the time slot calendar and you want your show to continue airing without interruption, please come in person to SCM, during our open hours of 1pm to 4:30pm, Monday, July 29 or Tuesday, July 30 to drop off ID information or to fill out the time slot request form.

We will fill time slot requests coming in after 4:30pm on Tuesday, July 30 after August 5.