50 GB Limit on Personal Folder Storage!

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We've had several producers recently contact us because they are unable to upload their programs into their personal folder (user/ingest).  The problem is that they've filled their folder to its 50GB limit.

To be clear, we are talking about your storage folder, not the content you have posted on the website.  These are completely separate things.  The storage folder is used when you upload a new program to the server, prior to creating your episode page.  It is safe to remove from your storage folder, any file you've submitted an episode page for.  

SCM provides this folder as a place for you to store production elements and temporarily store your episodes.  It is not meant for permanent storage.  You have complete control over this folder and its contents. 

It is your responsibility as a producer to maintain this folder.  We do not automatically maintain, remove or make space available for you in your personal folder. 

You will not be able to upload anything once you've reached the maximum limit.  Having a full personal folder may impact your production schedule since you cannot upload anything new until there is room in your folder.

Be sure to stay on top of folder maintenance and regularly remove items you no longer need.