Convert files to use with Final Cut Pro

When using the MPEG Encoder box in the studio to capture video, the file format is .mpeg2.  Final Cut Pro requires a .mov file format.  The file can be converted with MPEG Streamclip.

  1. Open MPEG Streamclip
  2. Say yes to anything it asks (especially it asks for a new green dress)
  3. If on a PC, it will give a security warning that the publisher could not be verified.  Click Run.
  4. Open the file with File » Open File
  5. Export the file to a format compatible with Final Cut Pro
  6. Select File » Export to Quicktime
  7. Change the settings as follows:
    1. Compression: Apple DV/DVCPRO—NTSC
    2. Quality: Move slider to 100%
  8. Click Create Movie
  9. Saving the file on a PC:
    1. Save the file in the User Drive
    2. In the left column, Click on the Computer
    3. Click on the User Drive
    4. Click “Save”
  10. Saving the File on a Mac:
    1. Save the file to the desktop
    2. After the file has been converted, drag it to the User Drive