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A Taste Of Theater TV show was created out of the Festival which was held here in Chicago October 12-13, 2012. Playwrights came from around the country to show case one scene of their play for the audience to vote on. The playwright with the most votes received the Shelly Garrett Award. Shelly Garrett was the first to tour his play around the country in large venues. His play Beauty Shop is what started Tyler Perry and David E. Talbert in the field of live theater.

This television show will expose the various audiences to Playwrights outside of their local area and culture. It will also give them insight on other plays and production, styles and techniques used. More important there are great stories to be told in all of these plays, we desire to see these stories get the exposure not only needed but deserved. This brings us to the core values of A Taste of Theater. We believe 1) Everyone can learn. 2) Good playwrights deserve a platform to showcase their play and 3) Every situation should be a win win win for all parties involved.

When a playwright comes on our show we seek to introduce him or her to world by delving into their creative side and beginnings. This way the audience learns not about the play but they learn why it was written and what the writer wants you to walk away with after watching the play. You will meet the people who play some of the characters and then lastly watch the scene of the play.
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