All Day Live

Series Description

All Day Live is a weekly Northwest cable TV program that is now streaming online from and as video on demand - since 2004, produced by Will P. Wilson, with production and associated support from Patricia and Mike Shupe producers of the Call4Investigation and Closing the Circle since 2002, Don Grahn, the producer of the Truth vs. News now on it's sixth year and also All Ways Pursuing Truth, with associated hosting with Keith Ljunghammar. Producing the Bill Budigan Legal Media Journalism program over this past two years. Co-producer and co-host of the weekly TV program: "Wheres the Action," with Producer Lyle Courtsel from 2004 to 2007 for 30 months amounting to 130, one hour weekly shows. Co-producer-co-host of the weekly TV program: "Call4Investigation," from 2003 to present, working with the producer Patricia Shupe, amounting to more then 430 weekly TV programs. Co-producer and co-host of the weekly TV program: "Closing the Circle, with producer Mike shupe the producer from 2004 to 2010, amounting to more the 312 TV programs. Technical support, production support, associated hosting, on the "Truth vs. News, program with the producer and host Donald Grahn, from 2005 to present, amounting to more then 300 weekly TV programs. Independent Television program production for SCANTV and for Northwest associated producers and community related TV production assistance involving technical support from 2003 to present amounting to the production of more then seventy five television programs. Production assistance from 2007 to present for producer Janet O'Brien and her TV program "Public Interest Issues," amounting to approximately 20 television programs. Producer and Host of the "All Day Live Show," from 2004 to the present amounting to more then 360 weekly TV programs. Producer and host of the "You Have Not Seen This," from 2008 to present amounting to 150 weekly television program. Producer and technical direction for "The Bill Budigan TV show," in 2011, working with co-host Keith Ljunghammar and host of the Budigan Law TV program, (lawyer Bill Budigan) William C. Budigan, the law firm founder ( Bill Budigan, producing ten pilot broadcasts. Will P. Wilson has produced, co-produced, more then 1,700 television broadcasts on the SCANTV broadcasting channel and on hundreds of other cable and community access broadcast networks nationwide since 2003. Will P. Wilson is a writer and author, having also contributed several thousand news reports to independent news organizations since 1991. Will P. Wilson has participated in creating for example the Message (News) Board: that is a simple on-line forum that has evolved into now becoming one of the top one hundred alternative news site on the Internet due in part to the many thousands of news reports that have been written and posted there by Will P. Wilson. This on-line news board now receives more then thirty six thousand daily readers and independent news sources.


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