Filmed at the 33rd annual Martin Luther King Jr. rally and march in Seattle, this program features keynote speaker Jelani Brown and Attorney Lem Howell.  Jelani Brown is a young man from Ferguson, Missouri, who was involved in the organizing in response to the police killing of an unarmed Black teenager Mike Brown.  He spoke about his experiences growing up in the St. Louis area, organizing his community since Mike Brown's death, and gave a vision of this movement going forward.

The 4th and 14th Amendments provide for people to be secure in their persons and also due process of law. When someone is killed out of the barrel of a gun without a jury trial, which is a police officer acting as prosecutor, judge, jury, and executioner, it is a legal lynching.  Attorney Lem Howell, long time fighter for civil rights in Seattle gives us some historic perspective.  A historic figure with a career spanning over 50 years, he tells the stories of many famous cases of police murder that he worked on.


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