I don't get your policy regarding getting a regular time slot. How do I get a regular time slot for my Series?

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The Seattle Community Media policy 5.9 Series Programming states:

New producers who submit occasional programs will have the ability to have their programs air, but are not automatically given a   regular time slot.  New producers seeking to have a regular time slot must submit a new episode, at least twice a month, for a period of three months, to receive a regular time slot.

Before handing out time slots to any producer who promises lots of Episodes to fill lots of broadcast time, we want to know that they will deliver.  Our policy is in place to add a little assurance that Episodes will actually get scheduled when we give out a time slot.  If we gave out time slots to everyone who made that promise, we would have made lots of time unavailable to the other producers.  We'd also have to spend a lot of our own time filling those vacant time slots. 

We are looking for consistency here.  We want you to upload and schedule two Episodes, each month for three months.  This demonstrates you are truly interested in providing programs.  

Let's say it's March 7th and I really want a regular time slot.  Can you provide six episodes, all uploaded on March 7th and get your time slot?  The answer is "No."  You need to provide at least two Episodes in March, two Episodes in April and two Episodes in May.  Then let us know that you've met this goal.  We'll check to be sure you did and then we'll discuss what sort of time slot you'd like. 

There are no forms to fill out, just let us know.  If we notice you've met the demand before you let us know, we will likely approach you first.

As a result of this discussion you will get a single, guaranteed time slot.  We will offer you some repeat time slots as well.  At the time of this posting, there is enough time open in the schedule to allow for this.  Once we have enough producers providing content to fill much more time, the repeat slots may disappear.