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I want to volunteer only for projects that are cool.




Technical help on VT5 operations  in Studio B..


I am a general contractor. I love to build things and also in to photography and videography.


Media Arts


Will P. Wilson, producer and host of the All Day Live show, formerly at SCANTV and now at - producing the All Day Live show since 2004 having produced more then 450 All-Day-Live programs and as well also producing and or co-producing more then 1,700 television programs since 2002. The is a link to the now expanding Seattle Community Media video on demand archived AllDayLive weekly broadcasts including Call4Investigation, and or Truth vs. News, programs that appear weekly as well.

Please get to me Will P. Wilson, e-mail: [email protected] - PH: (206) 383 - 4817, I can help market a program being a professional journalist and author, I can also assist in creating a news worthy report(s) to help to circulate the notoriety of any form of television program and as well as to help to promote your programs to be better known to the public.


• Technical support: Computer training at 23rd & Jackson location

• Video production assistance: Camera operation, open media facility and training


Documentary, Public Service Promo, Mideast Peace & Justice Special


I am interested in volunteering for projects that will give me experience as a producer and editor. I will consider other projects as well. The most important thing for me is to be part of a crew.


For those in need of an actress, chef, or director I am there. I currently direct a series called Lily's Sizzling in which I am the chef and actress. I can also interview and host. I am flexible on arrangements.


While I am exploring ideas for a production of my own, I do enjoy helping others realize their productions.  A wide variety of projects may interest me.  Pitch your project to me and we'll see.  I work full time 7 to 4, so my scheduling is limited.

I am currently camera certified and am scheduling the other classes.

I had a brief broadcast career in the 80's, and was certified in everything at Public Access during the 90's.  Experience includes field and studio camera, audio, live directing and old-school linear edit.  I have no NLE experience, but am learning.  I have a passable voice for v/o.


Greetings to All.

I am Charles Benea who will be working on created a show or a programs for the show that will be call "Africa National Network". if their is any one out their that is wiling to teach me or show me or monitoring me to the second step, pl's feel free to email me or call me. so that I can able to volunteer to help other in the short future. as of now I am working with Delta airline from 6pm to 12am. in the morning I am home with my son, but if you email me, I may come to learn what it will take. and thanks.

Charles Benea.


[email protected]

[email protected].


Rap Music Production and Songwriting.Selective Types of Movies.


Any project that involves cats.


I am a radio broadcaster with a talent for video.  Would love to work on some fun and challenging products.  I am a great talent and good with audio and video.


I am 70 years old and I live in Tucson, AZ. I wasn't able to put my state in when registering. I have an MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) so I know my way around computers. If I can do something long distance I am happy to do that. Let me know. *smile*

Charles Roland Berry

Music composer, and professional music licensing agent. I license all kinds of Classical music for worldwide use.


getnetabebe is good wish for equality in history in future .getnetabebe was born in small town in mola, ethiopia .now i am learn in addis ababa ,journalism and communication.i have great hope in future,to make Ethiopia democracy.i am parent less,and i am pass alot of challenge.personally,i like white but i see equal with black for me teach alot,leave and learn in ethiopia is very challenge.


We are a group of artists (music) music engineers, singers, actors, songwriters, who would enjoy providing actors, musicians, singers, writers to assist others with their project. Our Creative Director, Diane Cameron is a performing artist which a degree in Environmental Science currently in a Masters Program for the same. One of our team members is an alumni of Art Institute of Atlanta in audio/visual. Another team member is an award winning producer with one of his music artist being nominated for a KORA award. (an african grammy) We have been recognized by States, Municipalities and African Heads of State for our humanitarian music and artists exchanges.


I'm interested to volunteering in any position that available.


Digital Photography Photo Shoots. 


Race and Identity, Mixed race identity and politics, race & gender, minority/minoritized centered and focused media. I hope to create a series documenting people who identify as mixed race in Seattle. If you're interested in being a part of this, please contact me or have your contacts contact me! Thanks. 


I would love to help with any video projects about identity, social justice, and other relevant issues that revolve around the Seattle community. I have experience with preparing for interviews and interviewing people. Any chance to help on a project will be great! 


I am interested in volunteer in educate people in financial issues. I can teach people on specific need of how to relief sooner of debt, on how to plan for college needs, on how to plan for retirement, among other free sevices.
I can along with people implement an strategy to resolve, orient and educate them in these topics by implementing a private and personal financial needs analysis FNA free of charge.

I am a representative of Primerica Co. we offer these free services as courtesy.
I am fluent in English and my natural language is Spanish.

I look forward to contribute with the community