How should I name my Episode file?

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You can name your Episodes anything you'd like.  BUT - you should consider using titles that will help you find them quickly.  If you name all shows with the same title, good luck when you go to schedule repeats.  Also, if there is a problem with a particular Episode and you would like our help, how would you direct us to the correct file if they all have the same name. 

It is helpful to have your Series name in your title.  Also helpful is the Episode's name or first air date.  

We suggest you use the following naming convention for the title of your file: “program_title_year_month_day.mpg”. For example, if the first airing of your program is to be on August 15, 2011, the file name would be: “title_11_08_15.mpg”. Replace spaces with underscores.   Not only will it be easy to find your Episodes, they will line up nicely in your personal folders.