Upcoming Schedule Changes

Schedule Season Changes – PLEASE READ

If you attended the Producer Meeting on May 16, you heard news that we will be changing the schedule soon.  Our current policies state that the schedule will change twice per year.  At this time, changing the schedule twice per year would be difficult so we will only be changing it once per year.  In other words, we will have an annual season (we will update the policies and procedures to reflect this).  If are a qualifying producer, with a timeslot, you will need to participate in this process to get a We will implement this change in several Phases.

So how will this affect you as a qualifying producer?

We want to make the schedule change fair to everyone. We do not believe a absolute lottery system would be fair to anyone, you've worked hard to build your viewers and we want to honor that.  At the same time, it seems fair that new producers and producers with poor timeslots have an opportunity to receive a more advantageous timeslot.

So here's what we've come up with...

We will have producers with existing timeslots identify their Guaranteed Timeslot during Phase One, which happens in June.  During Phase Two, which takes place the first two weeks of July, all producers, new and existing, can put in requests for new Guaranteed Timeslots, choosing from open time in the schedule (excluding everyone’s Guaranteed Timeslots and the Free Speech TV time) on a first come, first served basis.  In Phase Three, which takes place weeks three and four of July, all producers will put in requests for two new Repeat Timeslots, on a first come first served basis.

This system of change, as complicated as it may seem, allows everyone to keep the valued Guaranteed Timeslots but also allows some great timeslots currently showing repeats to open up. 

Keep in mind

If you have a Guaranteed Timeslot and want to change it to one of your current Repeat Timeslots, no worries, make one of those slots your Guaranteed Timeslot.  If you like your Guaranteed Timeslot but think you might find a better one, no worries, in Phase Two, if you see an open timeslot that seems better, you can put in for a new Guaranteed Timeslot too. 

Want to know more?

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IMPORTANT: If you do not submit your guaranteed timeslot information before 5:00PM on Wednesday, June 27, you will no longer have a primary Guaranteed Timeslot.  Your timeslots will be released to the general pool of timeslots used in Phase Two.  The scheduling options for your series will be based on your theme only.