Democracy Now!

Democracy Now broadcasts live at 5am on Seattle Community Media and repeats several times during the day. 

Beginning Monday, April 16th, Free Speech TV begins a three week fundraising drive that ends on May 6th.  

To accommodate their fundraising drive, they shift Democracy Now repeats to begin a half hour earlier than normal.  The fundraising takes place in what would normally be the final 30 minutes of a regular Democracy Now time slot. 

We are not in a position to shift any of the programs created by our local public access producers. 

We will broadcast the 5am live broadcast in its entirety.  We will continue to switch to the repeats at their normally scheduled times.  During this fundraising drive, this means we will switch to Democracy Now halfway through their broadcast. 

We will not broadcast the fundraising drive portion of their broadcast.  Instead, we will open that time to locally produced programming.  

We will resume broadcasting the full hour of Democracy Now repeats when Free Speech TV resumes their normal schedule on May 7, 2012.