Access Update Newsletter

Membership Meeting on Tuesday, May 15th, 6pm

Earlier this week we were asked to host the Citizens’ Telecommunications & Technology Advisory Board meeting.  The group wanted to see what was happening at Seattle Community Media and see a demonstration of the SCM Platform.  They also asked if we could have some producers available.  We asked a few producers who use the studio and who are regular users of the platform to attend, to offer a user’s perspective of these things.  The meeting really transformed into an opportunity for the producers on-hand to discuss the pros and cons of the entire operation.  We wish we could have invited everyone but that was not an option.   

Launching the SCM Platform has made for a busy couple months.  Now, with the platform launched and many of you becoming official members, it would be great to bring us all together so we can hear how you are doing and how we are doing.  We will be holding a Membership Meeting on Tuesday, May 15th, 2012 at 6pm.  The meeting is open to all members of Seattle Community Media and anyone considering becoming a member. 

We will provide an agenda for the meeting as we approach the date but we’d like to focus on outreach efforts and hearing from you.


No food or drink in the Community Room or Studio B

One of the Mac Book Pros was fried due to fluid entering the computer.  We don’t know the source.  But this is a great opportunity to reiterate that there is no food or drink allowed in Studio B or in the Community Room.  An innocent spill can do a lot of expensive damage.   


Did you schedule an Episode and it didn’t broadcast?

About three weeks ago we began to notice an issue that interfered with the broadcast server’s ability to play some of SCM’s programming.  Within a couple days we determined the problem was originating at  Long story short, an upgrade installed had the end result of bad files arriving here.  We weren’t alone in feeling the effects of this.  Denver Open Media’s video files were also having issues. 

We began re-encoding all of your files.  In some cases we either missed a file or the files came in too late for us to discover an issue.  The end result was a repeat playing instead of your new file.   

Working with and Denver Open Media, a solution has been discovered and things should be returning to normal.   Thanks for your patience.


Be sure to schedule your Episodes

Keep in mind there is one last step to do after you’ve submitted your Episode.  Scheduling!  Once you receive the email telling you the Episode is ready for scheduling, you must return to the website and schedule it.  A repeat will play if you don’t. 


Please be sure to sign-in

Please be sure that you and your guests sign in when you use Studio B or the Community Room.  This helps us keep track of how many people are using these facilities which are great stats to pass on to our funders.