Upload a Week Ahead if you Can

One of the first things you should do when you become a member is to create a Series for your programs.  As you go about uploading episodes, you’ll first upload an episode via FTP, you will then need to “attach” this video file to the page you’ve created for the episode.   You will then “submit” your episode.   Your file is then uploaded to Archive.org and “derived” into different files.  Among these is the broadcast file.  Another is the on-demand streaming file. 

Once the broadcast file returns to us it is considered “derived.”  This process of deriving will take about 24-hours.  But it could take much more time, depending on all the variables involved when dealing with the internet.  We’ve seen an hour show take a little over 48-hours to be derived due to issues out of our control.   So, we are recommending, if you can, get your show in a week prior to broadcasting to avoid running into any issues that might arise during the deriving process.