I've got a Series, but how do I schedule my one-off shows and other stuff?

Great question!   You may have a Series with it's own Episodes and then have other projects that are single shows. 

Let's say your Series is called "The Coolest Buildings in Seattle" and you have a regular time slot or slots during which that Series broadcasts.  And now you have created a number of programs that are not in the "The Coolest Buildings in Seattle" Series.  Two of these new programs are called "Walking in the Tulips" and "How to Make the Best Paper Airplane."  What do you do?

When you upload these new programs, you'll need to pick a Series title.  Since they are one-off programs, you can title the Series and Episode with the same title.  If you create a lot of one-off programs it might be inconvenient for you to have 20 different Series for your 20 one-off shows, so you may decide to call the Series "My One-Off Shows" and make each show an Episode of this Series.  It's up to you. 

So, keep in mind, in case you weren't sure how you were going to use your programs when you first uploaded them, you do not need to re-upload in order to rearrange them.  If you decide to take a bunch of one-off shows, loaded as separate Series and want, for organizational reasons, to make them part of a Series, all you have to do is change the Series name of all those programs to your new Series title and they will all collect themselves in this new Series when you refresh your page. 

Once the individual Episodes are derived, you will receive an email that they are ready to be scheduled.  When you go to schedule them you'll see several time slots, based on theme, available for your program.  Choose when it airs and tell your friends and fans.  Keep in mind that the system may also choose to air your program at other times if it needs a program in your theme... Bonus!

This Series title change is a handy feature for other reasons.  Let's say you are going on vacation and want to schedule your "Coolest Buildings" Series out a couple weeks but don't have anything new and want to show your "Tulips" and "Paper Airplanes" shows instead?  You go to schedule those programs but they don't seem to be available to the "Coolest Buildings" time slots.  Just change the Series titles for both "Tulips" and "Paper Airplanes" to "Coolest Buildings" and they will now appear as part of the Series and can now be scheduled (as long as the show lengths are the same and it fits) as episodes of "Coolest Buildings."

You can change the Series titles for these Episodes back to "My One-Off Shows" when you get back from vacation.  Why would this matter?  Remember that if you forget to schedule an upcoming time slot for "Coolest Buildings", the system will pick from whatever shows you have in the Series.  If "Tulips" and "Paper Airplanes are still sitting there, the system might pick one of them over a true Episode of "Coolest Buildings."  But maybe that's alright.  If so, it's all cool.