Week Series Program Name Episode Rating Language
2020-02-02 John Militaru Ministries 7590 S9E4  TV-G English
2020-02-02 Gospel of the Last Days The Kingdom Descends Upon the World S3E3  TV-G English
2020-02-02 The Truth About Denominationalism The Truth About Denominationalism S8E3  TV-G English
2020-02-02 Mahibere Kidusan TV Mahibere Kidusan TV S1E3 TV-G Amharic
2020-02-02 Ministries of Bishop Fekadu A Shone Diini Waan Yaaduu S9E2 TV-G Oromo
2020-02-02 Wongel From Bethel Kes Belena S9E2 TV-G Amharic
2020-02-01 Al-Islam and Community Issues Mental Health Through Psychodrama Part 1 S4E3  TV-G English
2020-01-30 STARBORN STARBORN Amazing Grace S9E5  TV-G English
2020-01-30 Beyond the Headlines Beyond the Headlines 01-30-2020 S9E4  TV-G English
2020-01-30 Truth vs. NEW$, Inc. Your rights, Lies, and 5G 2nd hr S9E4  TV-G English
2020-01-29 General Welfare Presents GWP Glumaz, LaRouche CONTRADICTION 1/7/20 S8E5  TV-G English
2020-01-29 Talking Stick Lance Bennett - Environment versus Economy S9E5 TV-G English
2020-01-29 All-ways Pursuing Truth Re Kobe, Corona, Impeachment, S9E4 TV-G English
2020-01-28 Call 4 Investigation 5G disguised as just Coronavirus S9E3 TV-G English
2020-01-28 Public Interest Issues Show Darrell Green of Fever Magazine on SCM TV S9E1  TV-G English
2020-01-27 Pirate Television Reality Checkr S9E4  TV-G English
2020-01-27 Gays For Jesus Jesus cant return till things happen 01-23-2020 S9E4  TV-G English
2020-01-27 Public Exposure Hewa Schwan, Kurdish American S9E1  TV-G English
2020-01-26 Gospel of the Last Days My Dream of the Heavenly Kingdom Part 3 S3E5  TV-G English
2020-01-26 Supreme Master TV Homecoming - Rediscovery of Original Universe - 11 S2E4  TV-G English