Week Series Program Name Episode Rating Language
2012-01-29 All-ways Pursuing Truth Behind Big News 1/25/2012 NEW$ / propaganda that' S1E2 TV-G English
2012-01-29 Gays For Jesus Sodom And Gomorrah S1E2  TV-G English
2012-01-29 CRESCENDO! Crescendo 260 - Ensemble Electra I S1E2  TV-G English
2012-01-29 Beyond the Headlines Beyond the Headlines S1E1 S1E1  TV-G English
2012-01-25 All-ways Pursuing Truth War is Always by Deception (part 3) S1E1 TV-G English
2012-01-22 Truth vs. NEW$, Inc. Jan 26 2012 Murder Spies and Voting Lies MUST SEE! S1E1  TV-G English
2012-01-22 CRESCENDO! Crescendo 234 - Simone Porter - Violin Virtuoso S1E1  TV-G English
2012-01-22 Gays For Jesus 1260 Days of Shaking S1E1  TV-G English