Week Series Program Name Episode Rating Language
2019-05-27 Pirate Television Extinction Rebellion Part 1 S8E21  TV-G English
2019-05-27 Gays For Jesus Buckingham Palace Gospel 05-16-2019 S8E15  TV-G English
2019-05-26 Gospel of the Last Days The Sun Never Sets on Integrity Part 1 S2E21  TV-G English
2019-05-26 There is Hope TV Go to Jerusalem-Part One S4E18  TV-G English
2019-05-26 Focus On Islam FOCUS ON ISLAM S7E11  TV-G English
2019-05-26 John Militaru Ministries 7563 S8E10  TV-G English
2019-05-26 Wongel From Bethel P Abnet S8E7 TV-G Amharic
2019-05-26 Ministries of Bishop Fekadu A Shone MBFS Akkaataa Itti Deddeebinu S8E5  TV-G Oriya
2019-05-26 Supreme Master TV The Prophecy of Nostradamus S1E2  TV-G English
2019-05-25 Alternative View Sister Anna on Propaganda S3E19  TV-PG English
2019-05-25 Al-Islam and Community Issues Common Sense - Part 1 S3E14  TV-G English
2019-05-23 STARBORN STARBORN Shifting Positions May 23 S8E20  TV-G English
2019-05-23 Truth vs. NEW$, Inc. Investigate Revolution, May 20, 2nd hour S8E17  TV-G English
2019-05-23 Beyond the Headlines May 23, 2019 S8E4  TV-G English
2019-05-22 All-ways Pursuing Truth Everything May 20, 1st hour S8E18  TV-G English
2019-05-22 Talking Stick Collusion - How Central Bankers Rigged the World S8E12  TV-G English
2019-05-22 Experimental Poetry Dr Moze Bedtime Stories Volume Three S1E11  TV-MA English
2019-05-21 Call 4 Investigation Stew Webb on Redress of Grievances S8E22  TV-G English
2019-05-20 Pirate Television Nancy MacLean: The Origins of the Radical Right S8E20  TV-G English
2019-05-19 There is Hope TV Honesty and Integrity S4E17  TV-G English