sexual HarassmentSexual Harassment-A Biblical Approach: Lesson One-Bible Verses
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In the last couple of months there has been all kinds of scandals, insinuations, charges regarding sexual harassment. It seems to be in the news all of the time. We are a very confused culture. The sexual revolution said anything goes, What was acceptable is no longer acceptable. Hollywood portrays women as sex objects, and Americans bought into it. Now, women seen as sex objects is wrong. (Which it is.) But now if a man says a woman is wearing a nice dress it can be seen as sexual innuendo and harassment. Yet we have no problem with minors having sex. We are a confused society.

This series is going to address the issue of sex, sexual harassment, sexual abuse in the light of what the Bible teaches. What are the scriptural principles regarding sexuality? If we follow biblical principles we will not be perpetrators of sexual harassment or abuse. Individuals will also less likely be victims of sexual harassment and abuse.

True Christ followers who honor the teaching of Christ will have a different standard than the world, and will live differently-they will live an honorable life, showing respect for ALL.

In this lesson we look at several Bible verses that address the topic of sexuality. The Bible gives us guidelines to keep us out of trouble.

Sexual Harassment-A Biblical Approach:Introduction
Sexual Harassment-A Biblical Approach: Lesson One

Sexual Harassment-A Biblical Approach: Introduction
Sexual Harassment-A Biblical Approach:Introductions-Definitions

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