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Seattle Community Media is the operator of public access for the City of Seattle, providing access to communication resources in order to build a stronger community.  Services provided by SCM are paid for by self-funded Seattle Colleges Cable Television (SCCtv) and the City of Seattle.  

Where to Watch

Seattle Community Media broadcasts on cable in the greater Seattle area on Comcast Channel 77, CenturyLink Channel 8006, Wave Broadband Channel 23 and to the world via live stream on homepage of this website.  You can also watch nearly all programming on-demand on our website.

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You'll see a wide variety of interesting programs from the Member/Producers who utilize Seattle Community Media.  

Get Involved

SCM services are available only to citizens of Seattle and King County.  With minor exception, all content on SCM is created by, or sponsored by, independent producer-members who live in Seattle/King County.  

Are you a Seattle/King County area resident and want to get involved?  You may have a hobby you want to share, an expertise you can teach or an important message that needs to be heard.  Become a member and share your message!



  • Becoming a member/producer will provide you a venue to broadcast your message to views throughout King County on Comcast Channel 77/Wave Broadband Channel 23.  
  • You will also have access to stream your message on-demand on the Seattle Community Media website and access to a wide variety of easy-to-use online tools. 
  • You will also have access to tools like cameras, editing and studio space to help you with your productions when you become a member of Seattle Community Media.
  • You are in control!  You can upload your finished programs from anywhere you have access to the web.  You control the messaging about your programs that television viewers and online viewers will see.  You get to schedule your programs.

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