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There is Hope TVThere is Hope TV is the media outreach of Seattle Open Door Church located in Burien, WA. Seattle Open Door Church is committed to Loving God, Loving People, Loving Life. We strongly believe that as a person loves God, they will automatically love people. As a person loves God and People, they cannot help but love life. Too many people are trying to love life without loving people and loving God. They are on a path that does not lead to hope.

At Seattle Open Door Church we say There is Hope through Jesus Christ.

There is Hope TV has three formats:

There is Hope TV SermonsSeattle Open Door Church Video Sermons
There is Hope TV offers videos of sermons by Senior Pastor Richard D. Dover. These videos are of sermons at Seattle Open Door Church in Burien, WA. As time allows we will be uploading all the video files.
Pastor Rich is committed to sharing the Word of God in such a way to help provide biblical principles so that his listeners can live a victorious life.

There is Hope TV Street InterviewsThere is Hope TV Street Interviews
Starting in February 2016, Senior Pastor Richard D. Dover of Seattle Open Door Church is going to be doing interviews of the general public on the streets of the Puget Sound area and sharing those interviews with the There is Hope TV viewers. Some of the questions he will be asking are:
What are you looking for in a church?
What is your opinion on Christianity?
How do you think you get to heaven?
What is your opinion in regards to the future of America?

He will also be interviewing Muslims and getting their perspective on Islam, Radical Jihadists, and Christianity.

22There is Hope TV Acts 17:16-34 Interviews
Starting in February 2016, Senior Pastor Richard D. Dover of Seattle Open Door Church is going to be doing studio interviews of intellectuals, philosophers, atheists, agnostics, and others, getting their perspective on life, Christianity, and what they believe is the foundation for There is Hope. He will contrast their perspective to what Christianity teaches.

In the Book of Acts 17:16-34 Apostle Paul engaged with Jews, God-fearing Gentiles, and the philosophers of his day that were located in Greece. His purpose-to challenge them to consider Jesus Christ as the King of Kings, Lord of Lords. It is the goal of Pastor Rich to expose the 'high thinkers' of our time to consider Jesus. He will also be interviewing Christians who have testimonials of coming out of addictions, dysfunctional lifestyles, vain philosophy, etc.

To learn more about There is Hope TV, go to our website.

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