John Lederer – in conversation with host Dr. Valerie Tarico - warns about born-again believers who are intent on evangelizing boys and girls – onsite at public schools!

The Child Evangelism Fellowship, or CEF, sponsors Good News Clubs typically at elementary schools.

Weekly participating school kids of elementary age sing songs, recite Bible verses, listen to Bible stories, eat snacks and take prodding to accept Jesus – at their public school.

There is controversy. Can younger elementary students always distinguish between after-school activities with those sponsored by the school?

Another big objection is that public schools are not the place for religious proselytizing.

However, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled, in 2001, that religious organizations could not be treated any differently from nonreligious groups when it comes to using public-school facilities after school lets out.

In consequence, some parents – including John Lederer - formed a group called Seattle Schools Free from Proselytizing to make sure the evangelizing by Good News Club does not spill over into the school day.