Speaker and author Alison Weir addresses the Palestine-Israel-USA entanglement. 

In particular, she confronts MEDIA BIAS that reports every Israeli death and ignores, or misrepresents, most Palestinian deaths.

Statistics do tell a vicious LIE. 

Ms. Weir exposes blatant “context shift” and “chronology reversal” used by American media to blame Palestinians.

She laments, “It is terrible that children of Gaza so often, and so unreported, get a sniper’s bullet to the head.”  That is a fact and so is the American subsidy – now $10 million per day - that pays for Israeli sniper bullets.

Israel flourishes off its levy of American dollars yet intentionally imposes poverty on PalestiniansPalestinians die, at least, one a day from their restricted diet so callously administered.

Brutal “land grab” happens only with a compliant media willing to confect “illusion of balanced reporting” between disparately armed Mideast parties. 

In proper context, the human toll speaks volumes.

Conflict Year           Israelis Slaughtered             Palestinians Slaughtered 

2009                              9                                        1400
2012                              6                                          169
2014                            67                                         2000+



Ms. Weir operates www.IfAmericansKnew.org website.  

She authored Against Our Better Judgment: How the USA was used to create Israel.