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"Get to Know Your Faculty" Series Episodes

Much talk is made about North Seattle Community College's fascinating and diverse student body; deservedly so. But, I think we often forget that many of the teachers and other staff members have led fascinating lives both inside and outside of academia. This project highlights the experiences of teachers and staff members as well as explores what motivates them to be a part of the community at our community college.

--MADA Program Showlist "Get to Know Your Faculty"




Media and Digital Arts Mission Statement


MADA is an organization dedicated to connecting students who share a common goal with one another in increasing Media Literacy. Students in this organization are dedicated to supporting each other in the creation and dispersion of all media, including film/video, radio/audio, print media, new digital communication technologies and web based content.  Through shared expertise and effort students can push and hone their ability to navigate our new media culture.


MADA is dedicated to raising media literacy of those around them in order to make more informed choices about media content in the marketplace.  MADA members should use their savvy skills to help people be more conscious of the messages that surround them every day and help them understand how their own presence fits into the media landscape.

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"Get to Know Your Faculty" Wednesday October 10, 2012