World’s worst kangaroo attacks as beasts floor victims with one punch and chomp down kids’ heads

KANGAROOS might seem outwardly docile but when the creatures go rogue the consequences can be devastating.

With the ability to floor humans with a single punch and razor sharp claws. as well as vice-like jaws, the beasts have a savage side to them.

A  tourist being attacked by a kangaroo


A tourist being attacked by a kangaroo
Mitchell Robinson about to be floored by a roo


Mitchell Robinson about to be floored by a rooCredit: Facebook

The mighty marsupials have powerful back legs that allow them to leap 30 ft and travel at 35mph.

But their legs and claws can also be used for fighting each other – and for battering humans.

Forget Skippy, the kangaroo is an animal you definitely don’t want to mess with.


A kick from a kangaroo is easily enough to floor a human and the blow can leave deep gashes.

Pictures show a tourist being thumped by one of the creatures at a popular site near Australia’s Lake Macquarie.

Local MP Greg Piper said: “In most cases they have been kicking out, clawing faces and grappling with people, causing lacerations or significant scratching.

“Recently one attacked a man, who required 17 stitches in his face.”

Tour operator Shane Lewis said he tries to warn unsuspecting tourists about the danger of kangaroo attacks.

“We try to scare them into not being naive and thinking they’re cute and cuddly by showing them the photos, what can happen, and not to give them any food,” he said.

Meanwhile a dad found out what it was like being floored by a kangaroo.

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Mitchell was sent flying by a single blow


Mitchell was sent flying by a single blowCredit: Facebook
Hunter Joshua Hayden was knocked out


Hunter Joshua Hayden was knocked outCredit: Handout

Startling footage captured Mitchell Robinson being decked by the creature in his own front yard in New South Wales, Australia.

It shows the large male roo squaring up to the man before hopping towards him and unleashing a rapid attack with his feet and paws.

Hunter Joshua Hayden had a kangaroo in his gun’s crosshairs had his jaw broken when the animal launched a pre-emptive strike and knocked him out.

The 19-year-old was out with his brother looking for wild animals to shoot in Western Australia when the attack happened, according to Australia’s ABC News.

The pair initially spotted three kangaroos, but one disappeared and the teenager put his head out of the window of the moving car to target the other two.

The animal that had vanished then reappeared, charged at the car and attacked, reports said.

Joshua said he believed he was unconscious for about 30 seconds after being hit.

“I woke up and my brother was trying to tell me what happened,” he said.


Debbie Urquhart was savaged while out running


Debbie Urquhart was savaged while out running
Debbie says she has been left traumatised following her ordeal
Debbie says she has been left traumatised following her ordeal

Debbie Urquhart was attacked by 6ft 5in male roo as she went for an early morning run near her home in Melbourne, Australia.

The personal trainer said the kangaroo repeatedly kicked her on the right side of her body, ripped her clothes and “threw me around like a rag doll.”

Mrs Urquhart even played dead in an effort to stop the attack and managed to escape to safety after the kangaroo ran away.

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She then ran about 300 yards back to her home, screaming and covered in blood.

“He ripped me to pieces,” Mrs Urquhart said.

“He just kept on kicking into me and I was trying to crawl away.

“He left me for a bit and I thought he was going to come back and kill me.”


Chenyenne White's head was chomped on by a kangaroo


Chenyenne White’s head was chomped on by a kangarooCredit: WFAA4B
The Kangaroo is filmed looming before the mauling


The Kangaroo is filmed looming before the maulingCredit: WFAA4B
The moment the kangaroo goes for Cheyenne


The moment the kangaroo goes for Cheyenne

Chenyenne White was visiting a safari park when a kangaroo savaged the nine-year-old.

The encounter with the kangaroo had started off well but suddenly it rammed its clawed fingers through the park’s fence and bit the girl while she was bent over.

She was so badly mauled she had to be treated with 14 stitches in her head.

Mum Jennifer was videoing her family’s visit to a safari park when the wild animal suddenly burst out of the enclosure and savaged her daughter Cheyenne.

Terrifying footage shows the animal grab Cheyenne by the hair as she’s bent over and bites her on the ear. 

Mrs White told WAFF: “You blame yourself sometimes, like, you know, ‘why did I take her to the park that day?, ‘why did I take her to see the kangaroo?’”


Dina feared she would be disembowled


Dina feared she would be disembowledCredit: Channel 9

One women suffered horrific facial injuries and feared being disembowled after she was attacked by a kangaroo while out walking her dog.

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The victim – identified as Dina – had just let her had just let her pet off its leash when she found herself face to face with the giant creature.

When the kangaroo began chasing her dog, she was savaged as she tried to intervene.

She told 9News : “I ran up the embankment to try and get my dog away but not realising that I was only three or four metres behind the roo.

“And that’s when I sensed the roo was panicking and thinking ‘I’m being attacked on all sides.

“He looked at me and I knew what was going to happen.

“Something made me turn around. He attacked me from behind and he knocked me to the ground.”

“He gouged out the back of my leg, I know now if I hadn’t turned around, I would probably have been disembowelled.”

“He started pounding on me and jumping on me and I played dead.”


Linda Smith was attacked by kangaroos she was caring for


Linda Smith was attacked by kangaroos she was caring forCredit: Channel 9

Wildlife Linda Smith suffered broken ribs and internal injuries after she was attacked.

She was with her husband, Jim, feeding kangaroos she was looking after as they had done so many times before, when she noticed her husband being attacked. 

“I thought I was going to bleed to death there and then,” the 64-year-old told

“This one kangaroo came in and I thought golly gosh, that’s one of the kangaroos we have raised. He was a huge grey, would have been at least six foot.”

Her husband said the roo attack left him “fearing for my life at one stage” came at his head first before delivering strong powerful blows to his stomach and leg.


Jonathan Bishop was attacked as he hit the ground


Jonathan Bishop was attacked as he hit the ground

Paraglider Jonathan Bishop found two raging kangaroos race towards him as he touched down.

Footage captured his GoPro shows one of them storming towards the 35-year-old, the Mirror reports.

Thinking him a friendly roo, the man can be heard saying: “What’s up Skip?”

But the animal then delivers a one-two punch before leaving to join his companion.

“I thought it was just being friendly to begin with. I was frightened when it started attacking me,” he said.


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