Why It’s Time to Start Investing in Video Game Stocks


Today, let’s talk about my top 3 video game stocks for growth in my portfolio.

Why should you own video game stocks? To start, it’s a massive market. There are 2.8 billion global video game players in 2021. And they’re a younger crowd; the average age of a gamer is 35-44 years old. The estimated size of the global eSports audience in 2020 sits at around 495 million, surpassing the global audience for many traditional sports.

It doesn’t stop at eSports. The size of the mobile gaming market in 2020 is $86 billion. On Twitch, Youtube Gaming and Facebook Gaming, a combined 28 billion hours of gameplay were watched in 2020.

Not suprisingly, it’s poised to become the number one entertainment vertical in 2021. Here’s how to get in.

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