Who was Adele’s father Mark Evans?

ADELE’S estranged father Mark Evans passed away at the age of 57 on Monday, May 10.

But the 33-year-old singer’s relationship was acrimonious, having grown up without her dad in the picture.

Adele's father Mark Evans has passed away at the age of 57


Adele’s father Mark Evans has passed away at the age of 57Credit: James Davies – The Sun

Who was Mark Evans?

Although Adele has often been estranged from her father, a source told The Sun that she will still be ‘upset’ by his death.

They said: “Mark’s family are of course very upset by his passing.

“He always hoped things would work out with Adele, but it remained acrimonious to the end.

“He made a few attempts to make things right but clearly it had been too long.”

Mark was born in Wales before moving across the border, most notably to London where he lived with Adele and her mother Penny Adkins.

But he did not stick around for long, leaving his daughter when she was just three years old.

Evans left their Tottenham home, moving to Cardiff, before becoming a plumber.

Although it is not known what the cause of his death was, he had previously suffered with bowel cancer and feared he would not meet his grandson – and Adele’s son – Angelo.

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Why did Mark Evans leave Adele and her mother?

Mark suffered heavily with alcoholism during Adele’s childhood, even by his own admission, he was a poor dad.

Speaking to The Sun in 2011, he said: “I was a rotten father at a time when she really needed me.

“I was putting away two litres of vodka and seven or eight pints of Stella every day.

“I drank like that for three years. God only knows how I survived it.

“I was deeply ashamed of what I’d become and I knew the kindest thing I could do for Adele was to make sure she never saw me in that state.”

British singer Adele was estranged from her father after he left her and her mother when she was 3


British singer Adele was estranged from her father after he left her and her mother when she was 3Credit: AP

What has Adele said about her father?

Adele has not been shy to let the world know her feelings towards her dad in the past.

At the Grammy Awards in 2017, the British singer said of her long-time manager Jonathan Dickens: “I love you so, so much. I don’t love my dad, that’s the thing. That doesn’t mean a lot. I love you like I would love my dad.”

Five years before that night, Adele was extremely unhappy after Mark spoke out saying his daughter’s relationship issues was down his exit from her life.

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She remarked: “He’s f***ing blown it. He will never hear from me again. It makes me angry.

“To come back after ten years and be like ‘Maybe her problem with men comes down to me.’

“It’s like ‘how dare you comment on my life?’ It makes my blood boil.”

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