Who is Yamiche Alcindor’s husband Nathaniel Cline?


PBS White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor was one of the few journalists who gained access to President Joe Biden’s first formal press conference on March 25.

Because of Covid safety precautions, only 30 members of the White House press corps were allowed to participate at the presser.

Yamiche Alcindor and her husband Nathaniel Cline


Yamiche Alcindor and her husband Nathaniel ClineCredit: Getty

Who is Yamiche Alcindor?

Alcindor, 34, is an American journalist and the White House correspondent for the PBS NewsHour.

Alcindor is also a political contributor for NBC News and MSNBC.

Her resume includes working at publications such as, USA Today and The New York Times.

Alcindor’s beat focuses on politics and social issues.

Alcindor is PBS' White House correspondent


Alcindor is PBS’ White House correspondentCredit: Getty

The Miami native’s got started in journalism as a full-time reporter at Newsday.

Alcindor has covered major events such as the 2010 Haiti earthquake, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, the shooting of Trayvon Martin, the Ferguson unrest and the Baltimore protests.

In 2013, she was named Emerging Journalist of the Year by the National Association of Black Journalists.

She’s appeared in news programs like Morning Joe, The Rachel Maddow Show, PoliticsNation with Al Sharpton and Hardball with Chris Matthews.

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Who is Alcindor’s husband Nathaniel Cline?

Alcindor is married to Haitian-American Nathaniel Cline.

The couple reportedly tied the knot in 2018, after dating for several years.

Cline, 35,is a journalist in his own right, having earned a BA in broadcast journalism from Bowie State University in 2006.

The 35-year-old has worked in various outlets such as, Westmoreland News in Virginia, Northern Neck News in Fox 5, USA Today, NBC Washington and most recent Loudoun Times-Mirror.

Alcindor and her husband have been married since 2018


Alcindor and her husband have been married since 2018Credit: Instagram

What did Alcindor ask Joe Biden at the press conference?

Alcindor received heat on social media for her puff ball question she asked President Biden during his first formal press conference on March 25.

The PBS reporter asked Biden whether migrants are crossing the southern border because he’s a “moral” and “decent” man.

“You’ve said over and over again, that immigrants shouldn’t come to this country right now, this isn’t the time to come. That message is not being received,” Alcindor said as the US faces a migrant crisis not seen in decades.

“Instead the perception of you, that got you elected as a moral, decent man, is the reason why a lot of immigrants are coming to this country and trusting you with unaccompanied minors.”

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Alcindor finished her monologue by asking how Biden plans to deal with the “tension” of being such a nice person.

“Well look, I guess I should be flattered people are coming because I’m the nice guy, that’s the reason why it’s happening,” Biden said.

Folks on social media were quick to point out Alcindor’s double-standard when it came to her coverage of both Biden and Donald Trump.

During one of Trump’s press conferences, Alcindor insisted that the then-president’s use of the term “Kung Flu” was racist.

Alcindor received criticism for her puff ball question she asked President Joe Biden during his first formal press conference


Alcindor received criticism for her puff ball question she asked President Joe Biden during his first formal press conferenceCredit: ZUMAPRESS.com

“There are some, at least one White House official who used the term ‘Kung Flu,’ referring to the fact that this virus started in China.

Is that acceptable? Is it wrong?” Alcindor asked Trump.

“No, not at all,” Trump said. “It comes from China.”

Trump clashes with PBS NewsHour reporter Yamiche Alcindor over ‘taking responsibility’

View more information: https://www.the-sun.com/news/2582750/meet-pbs-reporter-yamiche-alcindors-husband-nathaniel-cline/

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