Who is Tiger Woods’ high school sweetheart Dina Gravell?

TIGER Woods’ troubled romantic history is being laid bare in a brand new HBO documentary about his past.

The doc includes details about his first relationship with high school sweetheart Dina Gravell.

Dina Gravell was Tiger Woods' first girlfriend


Dina Gravell was Tiger Woods’ first girlfriendCredit: HBO

Who is Tiger Woods’ high school sweetheart Dina Gravell?

Dina Gravell first met Tiger in an accounting class at Western High School in Anaheim, California.

She was 17 at the time, and Woods was 16. They stuck up a friendship, and began passing notes during class.

The pair soon got into a romantic relationship, which lasted three years.

Dina told the New York Post: “We would wait for my parents to go to bed and then make out on the sofa in front of the television for hours,

The pair dated for three years after meeting at high school


The pair dated for three years after meeting at high school Credit: Splash News

“We were first boyfriend and girlfriend in all sense of the word.”

But Woods left California in 1994 to attend Stanford University, whilst Dina stayed close to home to attend community college.

Dina Gravell-Parr now lives in Corona, California and is married to businessman Keith Parr, with whom she has three children.

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Tiger broke up with Dina via letter


Tiger broke up with Dina via letterCredit: HBO

What has Dina Gravell said about Tiger Woods?

In HBO’s new documentary Tiger, which investigates the life of the golfer, Dina Gravell shares the heartbreaking story of her separation from Tiger.

The documentary tells that Tiger lied to his parents, and left Stanford University to come home a day early so he could visit Dina.

His parents Earl and Kultida found out. They were so angry that they reportedly considered kicking Tiger out of their family home if he continued his relationship with Dina.

Instead of confronting her face-to-face, Woods penned a callous letter to his girlfriend of three years.

HBO's new documentary Tiger investigates the life of the golfer


HBO’s new documentary Tiger investigates the life of the golferCredit: HBO

Gravell reads the note on camera in the documentary.

“Dina,” it reads. “The reason for writing this letter is to inform you my parents and myself never want to talk or hear from you again. 

“Reflecting back over this relationship, I feel used and manipulated by you and your family,’ it went on.

“I hope the rest of your life runs well for you. I know this is sudden and a surprise but it is, in my opinion, much warranted. Sincerely, Tiger.”

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In the documentary, Dina says: “It was awful. We had been in this three year relationship. And I thought about, should I drive over there? 

Dina opens up about the relationship in the doc


Dina opens up about the relationship in the docCredit: ©Home Box Office, Inc. All Rights Reserved

“I just wanted to confront him. I just wanted him to look me in the face and tell me this.

She added: “If it’s the truth, then we’re good, then our relationship is a whole lie. That’s fine, but I want to hear it from you. 

“I replay play that day over and over again.”

Tiger Woods cheating scandal is laid bare in blockbuster HBO documentary

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