Who is Stacey Dash’s daughter Lola Lovell?

CLUELESS actress Stacey Dash has two children and has been married four times.

Formerly a Donald Trump supporter, Stacey took an opportunity to apologize in early March 2021 for comments she had made in the past.


Stacey Dash and Lola LovellCredit: @staceydash/Twitter

Who is Stacey Dash’s daughter Lola Lovell?

Lola Lovell is the daughter of TV star Stacey Dash.

Born in 2003, the 17-year-old is an aspiring ballerina.

On June 21, 2019, Stacey shared a sweet birthday message to her daughter on her Instagram telling how blessed she was to have her.

The Clueless star called Lola a “beautiful, smart, strong and kind girl.”

Lola is Stacey’s only daughter. Stacey has a son, born 1991, from a previous relationship with musician Austin Williams.

Who is Lola’s father?

Lola’s father is producer Brian Lovell.

Brian and Stacey met in January 1999 and had a whirlwind romance. They dated for just six months before they walked down the aisle together.

The couple split in 2006 due to disputes and complications in their relationship.

Stacey Dash and Brian Lovell attend the Fourth Annual Camp Laurel Golf Tournament on October 25, 1999


Stacey Dash and Brian Lovell attend the Fourth Annual Camp Laurel Golf Tournament on October 25, 1999Credit: Getty Images – Getty

After divorcing Brian, Stacey went on to marry British executive James Maby. Following that, she married actor Emmanuel Xuereb in 2007, but the pair divorced in 2010 after three years together.

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She wed lawyer Jeffrey Marty in 2018 after only a few days of meeting him.

Why did Stacey Dash apologize?

Stacey, an actress turned conservative pundit, apologized for the harsh words she said during her time as a Fox News commentator.

The 54-year-old former 90s starlet, who played Dionne Marie Davenport in the 1995 film Clueless, opened up in an exclusive interview with DailyMailTV.

Dash expressed regret for the comments she made during her time on Fox News and has insisted she will step away from politics.

Stacey Dash was formerly a Fox News pundit


Stacey Dash was formerly a Fox News punditCredit: Fox News

She told the news outlet:

“I’ve lived my life being angry – you know, which was what I was on Fox News. I was the angry, conservative, Black woman. And at that time in my life it was who I was.”

“There are things that I am sorry for. Things that I did say, that I should not have said them the way I said them.”

Back in 2016, Dash was fired from her roll as a Fox News contributor after saying President Barack Obama didn’t “give a sh*t” about terrorism and dubbed his speech as an “epic fail.”

Dash admitted that she realized in 2016 that “angry is unsustainable and it will destroy you.

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“What people don’t know is that I made a lot of mistakes… because of that anger,” she added.

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