Who is psychic Simone Simmons?

AT 2pm on Thursday, May 20, retired Lord Dyson will publish the findings of an independent inquiry into how Martin Bashir obtained his Princess Diana scoop.

But who is Simone Simmons, and what part has she played in the inquiry? Here’s all you need to know…

Simone Simmons was a trusted friend of Princess Diana


Simone Simmons was a trusted friend of Princess DianaCredit: News Group Newspapers Ltd

Who is psychic Simone Simmons? 

Simone Simons, 61, is a psychic and alternative healer from London.

She became a trusted friend of Princess Diana after they met at alternative medicine centre – The Hale Clinic.

She then used to consult Diana until her untimely death, and the pair would talk on the phone for up to 10 hours.

Simone wrote a book called Diana: The Last Word. 

Simone says Diana was 'conned' into the interview with Martin Bashir


Simone says Diana was ‘conned’ into the interview with Martin BashirCredit: PA

What has Simone Simmons said about Princess Diana?

Spiritual healer Simone has given evidence to Lord Dyson’s inquiry into how Martin Bashir obtained his Panorama Princess Diana scoop.

Simone told The Sun: “Diana was conned into doing the programme, and it wasn’t just forged bank documents.

“I was there the first time Martin Bashir was at Kensington Palace.

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“She had a lot of information on the table about her charities because she was led to believe Martin Bashir was doing an interview about them.

“She came in very excited and said ‘Simone, he is going to do a programme about my charities, isn’t that wonderful’. I thought it was brilliant.

“But as time went on nothing transpired and we all know what happened. He lied to her. He said her home was bugged and phones were tapped.

“He was an out and out b*****d. He destroyed her psychologically and made her paranoid — saying the royals wanted to bump her off and distrust her loyal staff and friends.

“We nicknamed Martin Bashir the Poison Dwarf. The interview led to her divorce and losing her HRH titles.

“There is no doubt in my mind that Diana would still be alive today if she hadn’t spoken to Bashir.

“I hope they throw the book at him. Justice should be done.”

Martin Bashir leaves BBC to ‘focus on his health’ as Panorama Diana probe concludes and will be published ‘soon’

View more information: https://www.the-sun.com/news/2922771/psychic-simone-simmons/

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