Who is Maria Menounos and what’s her net worth?


MARIA Menounos’ resume is not short of experience.

The Massachusetts native is a journalist, athlete, actress, and businesswoman all in one.

Maria Menounos has multiple careers


Maria Menounos has multiple careersCredit: Getty

Who is Maria Menounos?

Maria Menounos is an entertainment reporter, television personality, professional wrestler, author, actress, and businesswoman.

Born June 8, 1978, Menounos is 43-years-old.

She is most famously known for hosting Extra and E! News and was also a correspondent for Today and Access Hollywood.

On the acting side, Menounos got her start back in 2002 and is most famously known for her roles in Fantastic Four, Kickin’ It Old Skool, One Tree Hill, Without a Trace, and Scrubs.

Menounos is also a former professional wrestler.

What is Maria Menounos’ net worth?

As of 2020, Celebrity Net Worth estimates that Menounos’ net worth is $20 million.

Born in Medford, MA, Menounos’ net worth comes from her multiple careers.

In 2012, Menounos won a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Entertainment News Program for her work on Extra alongside Mario Lopez.

In 2014, Menounos was then named CES Entertainment Matters Ambassador, after founding and maintaining AfterBuzz TV, an online entertainment network.

Was Maria Menounos sick?

In April 2021, Menounos gave fans an updated in a YouTube video after both her and her mother had been diagnosed with life threatening diseases in 2016.

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“My mom was healthy until August of 2016 when she was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer, otherwise known as glioblastoma. Coincidentally, two months after her diagnosis, I, too, was diagnosed with a brain tumor,” Menounos said.

Following the diagnoses’ both of the women underwent surgery together and in 2017, Menounos told People magazine that 99.9% of her golf-ball-sized tumor was removed

“It’s been a crazy few years for us but mom has been a total miracle,” Menounos continued in her YouTube video. “We don’t listen to statistics in this house but they all said she had an average of 6-12 months [left to live], well here we are almost five years later and she’s had quality years.”

Despite beating the odds, while Menounos recovered, her mother tragically passed away on May 2, 2021 after battling both brain cancer and COVID-19.

Maria Menounos' mother died on May 2, 2021 following a battle with COVID-19 and stage 4 brain cancer


Maria Menounos’ mother died on May 2, 2021 following a battle with COVID-19 and stage 4 brain cancerCredit: Getty

Is Maria Menounos married?

Since 2017, Menounos has been married to Keven Undergaro.

Born November 18, 1967, Undergaro is 53-years-old and currently works as one of the creators of AfterBuzz TV.

In July 2021, the couple opened up about their struggles with surrogacy on Menounos’ YouTube series, Better Together with Maria Menounos after announcing the couples plan back in 2018.

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“I thought, you know, we’d have the surrogacy thing down. We’d be implanted by now. We’d have all this excitement and that just keeps not working,” she said. “We’re trying so hard,”

Menounos revealed that she had hoped the thought of grandkids would keep her mother’s spirits up and help her recover prior to her death.

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