Who is Margaret Brennan’s husband Yado Yakub?


A FOREIGN affairs correspondent for CBS News and a moderator at the network’s show Face the Nation, Margaret Brennan traveled the world to report on news in Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan among others. 

The Connecticut native reported on national security and foreign policy and sits on the Advisory Board for the University of Virginia School of Politics, according to a profile by PBS.

Yakub thought Brennan was “very Connecticut" when they met


Yakub thought Brennan was “very Connecticut” when they metCredit: Getty

Her husband Yado Yakub has joined her professional and personal life journey discovering the many similar interests they both share and embracing the different traits they had as well.

Who is Brennan’s husband Yado Yakub? 

Yado is a nickname to his official name Ali Iyad Yakub, a Syrian-American  who serves as an attorney and a Major in the US Marine Corps.

He worked at the Pentagon and served as a judge advocate for the Marine Corps in 2007, according to his LinkedIn Profile.

Yakub worked as a Senior Strategic Advisor for Southern Europe, the Middle East and Africa at SAS.

He has a degree from the University of Virginia and a degree from University of Miami School of Law. 

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Brennan traveled the world to report on national security and foreign policy


Brennan traveled the world to report on national security and foreign policyCredit: Getty

He earned his legal license in Florida in 2004, which has expired since according to a report by Heavy.

In his graduation dissertation, Yakub discussed why the principles of Islam support democratic ideals in his 2005 paper titled “The Islamic Roots of Democracy.”

His father Nabil Yakub works as a nephrologist at Inova Fairfax Hospital and his mother Rolana worked as a preschool teacher in McLean, Virginia, according to the New York Times.

Yakub’s sister Samia is a close friend of his wife Brennan. They both studied abroad in Jordan in 2000, according to the Washington Post.

When did Brennan and Yakub get married? 

The couple got married in April 2015 after being in a relationship since 2013 when they moved to Washington, D.C. for their careers.

The couple met for the first time in 1998 and met again by chance in 2013


The couple met for the first time in 1998 and met again by chance in 2013Credit: AFP

They met for the first time at the University of Virginia in 1998, according to Heavy, Brennan was a freshman and Yakub was a senior at the time. 

When they first met, Brennan thought that Yakub partied a lot and he thought that she was very serious. 

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He thought she was “very Connecticut,” he told the New York Times.

They met again in D.C. by coincidence when Brennan was walking her dong one day.

 Yakub invited her his housewarming party, the Washington Post reported.

“When she let her guard down, I liked what I saw. I like the fact that she’s down to earth,” he told the Post.

Do they have children?

Brennan and Yakub are parents to Eamon Brennan Yakub who was born in 2018.

The CBS News correspondent announced she was pregnant when she appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Margaret Brennan reveals she and her husband Yado Yakub are expecting a child

View more information: https://www.the-sun.com/news/3042090/who-is-margaret-brennans-husband-yado-yakub/

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