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Federal judge Esther Salas is pushing for new legislation after her son was shot and killed by a gunman dressed in a FedEx uniform who opened fire on the family in their New Jersey home.

Mark Anderl, Salas’s husband, was critically wounded. The judge was in the basement at the time of the shootings and was not injured.

 Federal judge Esther Salas


Federal judge Esther SalasCredit: Good Morning America
 Daniel Anderl


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Who was Esther Salas’ son Daniel Anderl?

The son of federal judge Esther Salas was killed and husband critically wounded a gunman when they were ambushed inside their North Brunswick Township home in July of 2020.

Daniel Anderl, a student at Catholic University in Washington, DC, was fatally shot “through the heart,” it has been reported.

The shooting took place just days after the judge took on a Jeffrey Epstein-related case.

 Daniel Anderl and Mark Anderl, the son and husband of Esther Salas


Daniel Anderl and Mark Anderl, the son and husband of Esther SalasCredit: Instagram

What do we know about the gunman?

Suspect Roy Den Hollander was later found dead in Rockland County, New York, from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Hollander was a well-known men’s rights attorney and self-described “anti-feminist.”

Per the New Jersey Globe, Hollander represented a New Jersey woman who was suing the US Selective Service System so she could register for the draft.

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Salas had agreed to hear the case, which was filed in 2015, but in 2019, Salas dismissed part of the lawsuit, while another part was still pending.

 Police gather outside the scene of the shooting


Police gather outside the scene of the shootingCredit: NBC 4

What happened to Salas’ husband Mark Anderl?

Mark Anderl – a 63-year-old criminal defense attorney – was also shot at their home and was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

The terrifying assault happened at around 5 pm when Mark answered the front door of the family home and was shot several times.

North Brunswick Mayor Francis Womack, a family friend, said “[Mark] loves to talk about his wife, and he loves to brag about his son, and how his son would excel in baseball, and how he was doing down in college in Washington…I’m just very sorry to see him going through this.”

 Daniel Anderl


Daniel AnderlCredit: Saint Joseph High School Metuchen

What is Daniel’s Law?

Daniel’s Law, signed by New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy in November, makes it a crime to publish the personal information of New Jersey judges, prosecutors and law enforcement officers.

“I would want people to know about my Daniel that he always put others before himself, and that’s why I know he would want me to do what I’m doing now because he would want others to be protected,” Salas previously told the Today show.

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 Esther Salas


Esther SalasCredit: Good Morning America

She added: “I know that Daniel’s looking down and saying, ‘Mom, keep it going, keep it going because we need to make sure that everyone is safe.'”

What was the Epstein-linked case Salas took on?

The attack came days after the federal judge was assigned a case linked to pedophile financier Jeffrey Epstein.

 Federal judge Esther Salas


Federal judge Esther Salas

According to Bloomberg, Deutsche Bank is accused of misleading investors “about anti-money-laundering deficiencies,” including failing to properly monitor high-risk customers, that included Epstein.

Womack said the judge had received death threats in the past.

He told ABC News: “As a judge, she had threats from time to time, but everyone is saying that recently there had not been any.”

Salas was nominated to the US District Court by President Barack Obama in November 2010.

Before being promoted by Obama, Salas served nine years as an assistant federal public defender in Newark, according to NJ.com.

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